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Pooph vs Zero Odor

Pooph vs Zero Odor in a a no-holds-barred cage match slugfest to find out one (and for all) which spray is Odor Eliminator Champion of the World. The most anticipated odor-eliminator battle of 2023!

pooph vs zero odor

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In this corner, weighing in at $24 per 32 ounces, makin’ fools of odor molecules, the heavyweight champion of the world, Pooph Odor Eliminatorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

And in this corner, weighting in at a frugal $21 per 32 ounces, the welterweight challenger, the spray that don’t play, the odor annihilator, Zero Odorrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Pooph vs Zero Odor Contest Rules

I know I said no-holds-barred, but that was the one tale I’m gonna tell outta school on the Pooph Reviews website. Some holds are in fact barred. For the Pooph vs Zero Odor contests I did my best to keep the playing field level and the variables controlled. I performed three tests, replicating two that I originally performed on Pooph alone to assess their claims, the skunk odor test and the cigarette smoke test. To those two I added a third tailored to Zero Odor’s QVC claim that they remove onion odor.

We’ve sleuthed a decently-thoroughly-researched-if-I-do-say-so-myself page about Pooph as a company, and do my best to sniff out the Pooph ingredients here. Now let’s look at Zero Odor. Zero Odor was founded in 2005 by a group of advertisers with an odor problem. They teamed up with a pair of Chemists who had developed a spray that bonded with odor molecules to remove the odor. They formed a business together in 2008 and the Zero Odor product launched in 2010.

According to the company “Zero Odor seeks out and bonds with the odor molecule, exchanging electrons and changing them into different molecules. The odor can never come back… There are no heavy perfumes, although there is a tracer scent—but that disappears, too. You get amazing, instant, gratification.”

Contest Pooph Zero Odor
company background chemist-founded marketer-founded
odor battle bouts won 5/6 1/6
residual odor none temporary
32oz price $24 $32
Zero Odor was the first to bring their odor eliminating spray to market, and won a 2012 product of the year award.

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