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How Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Works

Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator has been scooping up new believers like cat lovers scoop kitty litter. For most of us, Pooph’s popularity isn’t enough to convince us to drop our defenses and pull out our wallets. In this article, I provide specific details that are largely missing anywhere else. If you find yourself curious about the promise of Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator, but want the facts that back up the bold claims of the Pooph commercial, you’ll find them here.

pooph pet odor eliminator vs pet odor molecules

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If you were frustrated by the anodyne crumbs the company offers about what’s in the Pooph Ingredients, I feel you. I was curious and frustrated myself, so spent some time sniffing around. I was surprised to find that there’s very solid science behind Pooph, and that it’s actually been in use for years. The beauty of Pooph is that they had the bright idea of taking an industrial technology and using it to solve a very big, very stinky domestic problem: pets stink.

Rule # 1 Of Pet Ownership: Pet Stink

As beloved as our furry friends are, the odors they bring with them can really complicate an otherwise harmonious relationship. Whether it’s the smell of dank, wet fur rubbed into the carpet, the acrid bite of urine on a blanket or in the litter box, or the sneakily fecal smell of pet musk in the most unxpected places, our love of pets makes pet odor solutions a priority.

Pet Rule #1: Pets smell. Pet Rule # 2: No pet doesn’t smell. These are the rules we accept when our pets agree to live with us. But why, god, why? Well, in addition to “Because Mr. Snuggles says so,” pet odors are caused by a combination of biological, chemical, and environmental factors. The primary source is the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in dander, saliva, and urine. VOCs contain various organic molecules, which permeate a pet’s envrionment, then age and degrade, leading to the foul-smelling odors we’ve become so familiar with.

Add to those VOCs the various bacteria and fungi that grow on them – our pets’ two other BFFs beside us – which love the same damp environments pets do, and the combination amplifies the odor like a teenager with an electric guitar and an amp. And if that combination wasn’t enough, add our pets’ fondness for spraying scent-marking musk every chance they get on every treasured thing (and yes, musk works because it stinks). Oh, and don’t forget whatever hormonal changes our pets may be experiencing during mating season or stressful situations. All of these alone is enough, and the various combinations can be a toxic nose cocktail that makes your head spin.

How Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Breaks Down Odor Molecules

Pooph Isn’t Magic. It’s Science. The engine of Pooph’s odor elimination power is the familiar mineral iodine. If you don’t mind geeking out a bit, here’s how iodine works on odors: Iodine makes a great oxidizer because it so readily undergoes redox reactions by accepting or donating electrons. When exposed to odor molecules, iodine acts as an electron acceptor, leading to the cleavage of chemical bonds within the odor molecules (and who doesn’t love cleavage?). This cleavage results in the breakdown of the original odor molecules into simpler, less volatile forms. It’s tempting so “Pooph!” but it’s more fitting to say “Eureka!”.

In simple terms, Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator breaks down odor molecules by oxidizing them into odorless forms. Oxidation occurs naturally (for example, rust is an oxidation process), but rather than living with pet odors as they break down naturally over months if not years, Pooph does this instantly. And what makes Pooph especially helpful is that it a spray can reach the odor molecules in the deep recesses where they love to hide.

Problem: Pet Odors Permeate Hard-To Reach Places

Even the most conscientious cleaner can’t get to every odor molecule. Pet odors molecules tend to sink into the billions of microscopic nooks and crannies of our homes because they’re microscopic themselves. Tiny things can fit into tiny places, and as anyone who’s tried to vacuum the crack between the car seat and the middle console knows, tiny places are harder to clean. Add the microbe growth that festers in tiny hard-to-clean places with little to no air ciculation, and maybe a little extra humidity and boom: a nuclear stink bomb of odor molecules mingling with microbes barracaded into the furthest recesses of your sofa cushion, stewing in their malodorous juices for the foreseeable future term. That may be a beautiful poem, but it’s a terrible problem.

Solution: Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Takes the Fight to the Odor

Because pet odors are so hard to reach and clean out, the only truly effective odor eliminating strategy is to bring the fight to the odor molecules and defeat them where they are. That’s what Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator does well. By permeating the same hard to reach places, Pooph eliminates the source of the odor without needing to remove it.

Will Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Harm My Pet?

In short, no. Pooph doesn’t contain anything toxic, and the odine and other minerals in Pooph are at low enough concentrations that it would take a LOT to cause harm either by ingestion or from skin contact. Still, don’t feed it to your pets (or drink it yourself). Iodine is an essential trace element for both humans and animals, but like any mineral, excessive amounts can be harmful. In fact, many commercial pet foods contain iodine to help pets meet nutritional needs. Add

Will Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Damage My Stuff?

I’ve found that Pooph Odor Eliminator works well on every type of surface. It can be sprayed on porous surfaces like carpets, cushions, curtains, blankets, etc, as well as non-porous surfaces like tile, wood, or laminate flooring. Basically anywhere pets tend to do their worst, and repeatedly, Pooph can go there.

Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator is generally safe for any surface. However, because, there is always the possibility that an oxidation agent like Pooph may discolor certain sensitive surfaces, if you’re concerned about a particular surface, it’s best to test Pooph on a small area first before proceeding with the intended application.

Which Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator For Which Problem?

Aka Spray or Additive?: Pooph Odor Eliminator comes in three forms; as an aerosolized spray (Pooph Spray and Pooph Litter Box Deodorizer), as a liquid additive (Pooph Laundry Additive), and as an additive-infused material (Pooph Kitty Litter Additive). Pooph’s Spray works best on aborbent and non-absorbent surfaces as well as airborne odors. The liquid additive works well for laundry, or other situations where it will be impractical to apply the spray across many small or intricately-folded surfaces. A Pooph-infused material like the kitty litter additive offer sustained odor control in confined spaces.

Clarifying What Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Can and Can’t Do

Because of Pooph’s bold claims, there’s a healthy bit of skepticism circulating around about whether Pooph really works. People worry that it’s yet one more bottle of snake oil shilled by hucksters trying to make a quick buck off the yokels before being run out town. For one particularly silly example, the guy in the Pooph commercial sprays it into his mouth. This definitely got a lot of attention, but was it a good idea? It’s not as easy to see, but the banner at the bottom of screen advises:

don't drink pooph

Marketers know that attention-getting stunts and dramatizations are what stick in people’s minds, not long, detailed, wordy explanations like the one I’ve written here. But for those of us a little slower to round third and bring it home to the buy button, I’m batting cleanup. I went to the lengths I did to find our more because I wanted to, and like doing it. I hope it’s helped if you’re like me and wanted more.

The other sticking point for a lot of people who’ve seen the commercial is the instantaneous results from a casually-applied puff of Pooph from the spray bottle onto a sheet of skunk-y tissue. The impression one gets from this stunt is that any amount of Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator applied to even the most hideous odor will neutralize it instantly and completely. Hence the Pooph Reviews complaining that it doesn’t work. But the devil is in the details: Exactly how much skunk spray isn’t mentioned. In fact, Pooph works in roughly a 1-1 ratio, so for reality to work like in the commercial, there can’t be more skunk spray on the tissue than the amount of Pooph sprayed at it. For us kids at home that means some guesswork when it comes to the amount of Pooph to throw at a particular accident, and I suppose what amounts to some words of encouragement: if the smell from a specific odor (a pee puddle for example, not the general stuff) is still there, give it a bit more oomph from your Pooph before you give up.

In Conclusion (At Last!)

Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator works by oxidizing odor-causing molecules and breaking them down into non-offensive forms. It’s so effective because it can reach the odors hidden deep in our homes to neutralize them without having to remove them. This may seem like magic, but’s sound science that’s been around for years. You can spray Pooph on pretty much any surface, but test a small area first if you’re worried about sensitive or treasured objects. Remember that Pooph’s marketers pulled a few stunts to get our attention but that common sense is a better guide than the Pooph guy. I hope this article helped answer any questions you might have had about how Pooph works. If your only remaining question is where and where much, it’s $25 for a 32 oz bottle of the Pet Odor Eliminator spray, and you can find out where to buy Pooph here on this page or you can click here to buy it on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator harm my pets?

Pooph is safe when used appropriately, by following the instructions on the Pooph packaging.

Will Pooph Hurt my Stuff?

No, Pooph is safe for all surfaces. However, even water can discolor certain materials and surfaces. To ensure your surfaces are safe, test Pooph on a small, less-visible area first before proceeding.

How quickly does Pooph eliminate pet odors?

The speed of odor elimination varies based on factors like concentration, application, and the type of odor. Immediate improvements can be observed.

Are there specific surfaces where Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator works best?

Pooph spray is versatile and can be applied to various surfaces, including carpets, furniture, and pet bedding.

Can I use Pooph for outdoor pet odors?

Yes, Pooph is effective outdoors as well, but tkeep in mind that it’s miuch harder to conquer and control odors where scale and unpredictable variables can easily come into play.

Is Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator environmentally friendly?

Iodine-based oxidation are considered environmentally friendly, especially compared to certain chemical alternatives.

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