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My name is Steve. I live in Virginia. I have a wife and three kids and two cats and two dogs, and they (the pets I mean 😉 ) make a godawful mess and stink EVERYTHING up, but I love ’em. It’s a zoo here, and often smells like one.

I started after seeing the Pooph commercial on TV one night and feeling both skeptical and hopeful. This is a feeling I usually refer to as “intrigued” (my wife encourages me to identify my feelings by naming them 🙂 ). I considered the intrigue worth the $24 cost of a bottle of Pooph so I went on Amazon and bought one. I used it on the many strong, unpleasant, and persistent odors around our house (mostly pet-butt and garbage-related) and was impressed.

A normal person would probably be satisfied right there. But I often get really cheesed at the way advertising lures us into buying something that then turns out to be nowhere near as good as what was promised. So I thought it would be worth my time to test the big claims Pooph made in its commercial: especially that big, bad, bold claim that Pooph works on skunk odor. So I registered the domain and set up some tests. I did my best to keep the tests as scientific as a layman at home could (it’s fair to call this hobby science), wrote up descriptions and results of the tests, and posted them on the site. The result – I hope – is helpfully informative for anyone who pauses a little longer than I did before hitting “add to cart” for a bottle of Pooph on their favorite world-dominating online retailer.

A note about affiliate links: You’ve probably already noticed my disclosures on each page. They refer to the fact that I link to where you can buy Pooph on Amazon like like I do here with this link and elsewhere on this site, and those are affiliate links. If you use my links you pay the same amount as anyone else for a bottle of Pooph, and I get a small (less than a buck) commission on the sale. If you feel that that’s too much of a conflict of interest, then you can, of course, buy Pooph wherever you prefer without using my links. If it doesn’t bother you and you use my link, I and my zoo thank you. I very much appreciate it.

Lastly, if you do buy Pooph and you would like to share your story, please do come back and tell us how it went for you by submitting your own review here. We’ll post it among the other Pooph Reviews we have here.

Pleasant sniffing,


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