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Pooph Ingredients

The Pooph ingredients hinted at in the marketing material list water, surfactants, and a patented odor eliminator blend. I can google surfectant on my own (it reduces surface tension), but of course, it’s the the “patented odor eliminator blend” we’re all so curious about. But that blend is a closely-held, industrial-grade, proprietary secret. Pooph has invested significant time and money in the science that goes into developing a new product. They want to protect their intellectual property and see some reward for their efforts. Fair enough.

pooph ingredients

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For most of us that’s a non-issue as long as Pooph works as advertised. And if you haven’t yet bought yourself a bottle of Pooph and tried it for yourself, then you can get a good picture of the customer response to Pooph from the reviews here on Pooph, or you can read other’s here on Amazon.

For those skeptics among us who don’t believe everything they see in the Pooph Commercial, who maybe feel a little reluctant to shell out $25 on a brand-new product with a whole lot of marketing hoopla that isn’t quick to name names or list specifics.

The Pooph Ingredients are a secret

There’s something about a secret that feels a lot like an itch I want nothing more than to scratch. The fact that Pooph has the right to keep it a secret is a legitimate barrier to my gaining crucial itch-reliving knowledge here, but that does nothing to stop me from doing what I can to sleuth myself a little more of the Pooph truth. Barring breaking the law with some good old-fashioned industrial espionage (as if China, N. Korea, and Russia aren’t all already all over that patent), here’s what can be gleaned from Pooph’s own website:

This is what Pooph says about what Pooph is made of:

Pooph is completely non-toxic and safe to use around people (of all ages!), pets, plants, and the planet. Pooph’s proprietary formula has been Vetted thoroughly by State Air Quality Management Authorities in CA, FL, GA, NY, PA, and TX. The CDPR: California EPA stated non-pesticide. It is Approved non-toxic and meets GRAS Standards according to the US Code of Federal Registrar Section 21. It is Approved by OSHA PEL (Permissible Exposure Limits) - all ingredients are approved as direct and indirect food additives well below PEL at full concentration.

No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) unlike fragrances (which are in most odor eliminators) that have VOCs and HAPs.

Yeah but…what’s in Pooph?

We get a whole lot of business from Pooph about what kix Pooph is not, but what about what it’s got? Here’s what what we’ve sleuthed about what’s in Pooph bu sniffing around a little further. First, we know Pooph ingredients are a formula patented by life sciences company BioLargo.

A review of BioLargo’s company site very quickly gives a lot of support to Pooph’s claims that it’s used by the 5 largest waste facilities in the US. BioLargo has put a lot of work into researching odor treatment, and their list of patents in that category is long. Another of their products made for industrial applications like waste treatment, is called CupriDyne Clean.

In a recent earnings call, BioLargo’s CEO said about Pooph “it’s all exclusively CupriDyne based products… and Iodine based”.  If it toots your horn, you can download the CupriDyne Clean Material Safety Data Sheet, with its list of ingredients here.

Yeah but… what is Pooph made of?

Again, we’re living in a world of conjecture and speculation here, with no substantial evidence on which to base any claim about what Poop is made of aside from the abovementioned iodine. But if conjecture is your middle name, and speculation is your game, well then let’s say “spec’ you later” to the facts and throw some wild ideas around:

    1. Pooph is a hallucinogen released into our water supplies as a mind-control agent.
    2. Ok, that’s as far as I can go with ridiculous conspiracies. I retract the above irresponsible statement for fear that someone is going to take my completely ironic joke and distort it into a lie meant to whip people into a furor.

    The Pooph Ingredients can only be guessed

    Let’s return to the world of speculation that trades in reality, shall we? In BioLargo’s patent, we get a vague gesture at the ratios of Pooph ingredients:

    • at least 80% of total weight of a carrier liquid comprising water, alcohol, or a mixture of water and alcohol
    • at least 0.0001% by weight of the solution of I2
    • at least 0.0001% by weight of CuSO4
    • sufficient acid in the solution to provide a pH of less than 7.0

    I’m no chemist, so that basically means nothing to me. If anybody wants to help me out with it, please feel free to give a shout. Otherwise, I’m calling Uncle and throwing in the towel. I hope I’ve helped ease your mind and not stoked any conspiracy theories. If so, and you end up on the buy side of the risk/reward calculus, and you come away with a strong-smelling opinion, please do come back and let us know whether your Pooph was a hit or a phlop.

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