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Does Pooph Work?

Does Pooph work? That was the question that nagged me after seeing the bold claims made in the Pooph Commercial. I wouldn’t say I was incredulous, but my Mama no raise no dumb-dummy, so it seemed a little cautious skepticism wasn’t inappropriate. I decided that the best way to find out was to buy Pooph and test it. Worst-case I’d take a $25 hit, but it felt worth it. Especially considering the dog nasty I’d become resigned to living through (and ideally outliving).  Once I had the Pooph in hand it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to answer my original question: Does Pooph Work? Yes, Pooph works. In fact, it works suprisingly well. But then that got me curious.  

does pooph really work

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Pooph Eliminates Odors By Changing the Odor Molecule

I’ve never bought an odor spray before Pooph in my life. I kid you not. Based on the sprays I had experienced before, I always considered the combination of the offensive odor and the overpowering cover odor of the spray was far worse than the offensive odor alone. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way. Here’s what one Pooph user says in their Pooph Review about their particularly traumatic past odor spray experience:

“As a kid, I would visit my grandma every summer, and stay with her at her farm in Illinois for a few days. And I remember a few times when I walked into the WC a minute after she came out and immediately breathing in a heady boquet of her poo scent mixed with the smell of apple pie from the can of “deoderizing” spray she had on top of the toilet, and it struck me then that this was the most disgusting thing I had ever smelled. There’s a reason they tell you not to s**t where you eat, so why anyone, let alone my dear, farm-tough and sensible grandmother, would think it a good thing to blend the sweet smell of apple pie with crap was beyond me.”

The moral of this story here kids is that masking odors is so last century. Thank god for modern chemistry and it’s evolution toward far molecular odor-fighting technology. These days, you don’t choke on a nasty odor mixed with a pleasant one, you choke odors out.

Does Pooph Really Work?

The answer to that question was easy and immediate as soon as my bottle of Pooph was delivered it and I started spraying it on the many (many) offensive odors that have plagued my home for longer than I care to admit. Yes, if used in a 1:1 ratio relative to quantity of odor-causing content, Pooph works. It works well. If you’d like to find out how Pooph works on skunk, you can get into the specifics with me on the Pooph Skunk Odor Eliminator review page. Or if you’re wondering how it does with cigarettes and other kinds of smoke, check out my Pooph vs Cigarette Odor review here.  If you wanna know why Pooph works, and how, read on.

How Does Pooph Work?

We know from Pooph’s literature, that Pooph is science-based, Pooph is NOT an enzymatic formula, and Pooph is NOT a masking agent. Aside from that cryptic business, Pooph is chary about revealing the patented formula behind their success. However, we have it on good authority (Pooph’s inventor’s earnings call on file with the SEC) that Pooph Ingredients are iodine-based.

So Pooph IS an iodine-based oxidizing agent. Oxidation is a common method used to eliminate odors. It involves a chemical reaction in which a substance loses electrons, and this process can break down or alter the molecular structure of odorous compounds, rendering them non-odorous.

Oxidation is achieved through various methods, and some common oxidizing agents include ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine-based compounds, and we know Pooph is iodine-based.

Iodine is effective in eliminating odors through oxidation. It has strong oxidizing properties, and can react with and neutralize various odor-causing molecules. When an iodine-based spray like Pooph is applied to a surface or into the air, the iodine molecules can undergo oxidation reactions with the odorous compounds, breaking them down or altering their chemical structure.

Iodine-based sprays are often used in odor control products because of their broad-spectrum effectiveness against different types of odors. Additionally, iodine has antimicrobial properties, which can further contribute to reducing odors associated with bacteria or fungi.

Regarding the claim in the Pooph Commercial that it don’t hurt, we would counter that while iodine is generally considered safe for certain applications, excessive exposure or inappropriate use can have adverse effects.

Finaly, if you’d like to try Pooph for yourself, you can buy a quart of it here and have it delivered to your doorstep day after tomorrow (or sooner if you’re lucky). Thanks for reading (and especially for making it all the way to the end), and I hope that Pooph makes your life a little less offensive. And if you decide to buy Pooph, please do come back and let us know whether your Pooph truth was a hit or a phlop.

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