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Does Pooph Skunk Odor Eliminator Work?

Does Pooph Spray work on Skunk? That’s one of the most provocative, and if true, compelling claims made by Pooph Spray pet odor eliminator in their Pooph commercial. I have to admit that the “one spray and it goes away.” claim, especially as portrayed in the commercial – a skunky cloth offered for a whiff, a look of disgust, an aerosolized pooph no more than 1/2 a teaspoon at best sprayed onto the rag, and the newly skunk-odor-free rag re-offered to the witness after a second or two at most – is easily the boast I have the most difficulty believing. Is skunk spray Pooph-proof? Is Pooph’s big talk too good to be true? There’s only one way to find out? And as much as I imagine you’d like it, no, I will not get myself sprayed by a skunk in order to verify this claim!

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However, in the name of science and unholy odors, I have put this claim to the test. To answer the question ‘does Pooph spray work on skunk?’ I used good old-fashioned emiprical evidence to sniff the Pooph truth myself. Which is to say I bought some pure skunk essence (sourced humanely from actual skunks, I should add), and I bought some Pooph Skunk Odor Eliminator spray, and I had them duke it out in a no-holds-barred cage fight spray-down. The results were a knockout, and I’m not talking technical. First though, a word about the contest.

In the yellow corner, skunk spray, consisting of powerfully sulfur-y N-butly mercaptan, and capable of spraying up to 2 teaspoons of devil juice distances of up to 15 feet… In the blue corner, Pooph spray, consisting of a proprietary blend of science-y chemicals, and capable of spraying many teaspoonfuls of angel juice in a semi-automatic fashio distances of up to 3 feet… (thank goodness this isn’t a street fight, because Pooph would be out without ever getting close enough to land a Pooph.

Methods: En plein air, I squirted one spray of skunk essence onto a cloth rag. It smelled awful, my junior assistants will confirm this, and they never even came close. I then sprayed one pulse from the Pooph skunk odor eliminator bottle on the same spot. The amounts appearred roughly equivalent.

Pooph Skunk Odor Eliminator Results

pooph skunk sprayAirborne: Immediately after spraying the Pooph I noticed that the pervasive skunk smell in the air had lessened, but was by no means gone. This makes sense in that I didn’t spray into the air, but the skunk essence was already diffusing from the rag into the air around it.

Cloth itself: on the cloth itself, on which both the skunk essence and the Pooph skunk odor eliminator had been sprayed, the skunk odor was almost entirely gone.

Conclusion: While this test was by no means scientific, and met no lab standards but my own, the significant diminishing of skunk odor I experienced in this test, by itself, met my standard of “good enough” in answer to the question of whether the Pooph Skunk Odor Eliminator spray works. So: Does Pooph Work? Yes, in my tests, there’s no question Pooph works on skunk.

If you’d like to try Pooph for yourself, you can buy a quart of it here and have it delivered to your doorstep day after tomorrow (or sooner if you’re lucky). Thanks for reading (and especially for making it all the way to the end), and I hope that Pooph makes your life a little less offensive. And if you decide to buy Pooph, please do come back and let us know whether your Pooph truth was a hit or a phlop.

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