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Pooph Reviews

These Pooph Reviews were written by me – an independent guy named Steve – as well as verified Pooph customers who wrote in to this site. I wrote the reviews to test the provocatively bold claims made in Pooph’s marketing. If true, those claims – instantly eliminates ammonia, skunk, and the like – were so impressive I’d be as gobsmacked as the crowd in the Pooph commercial. If not…well… then they must not think much of the people they’re lying to. 

To be fully transparent, I tested Pooph Odor Eliminator because I wanted to believe, but it’s hard to trust without seeing it for yourself. And then, because I had so much fun doing the tests I wrote the Pooph Reviews too, to share the fun and what I learned, in case you happen to find my reviews useful. And then, because I still gotta send kids to college, if you use the links on my site to buy Pooph, you pay the same price and I get a small commission for my trouble. And lastly (fully FULLY transparent here), I’m doing this because it gives me an excuse to make stuff like this:

pooph reviews

I get a commission on purchases made after clicking the links to Pooph on my site. My affiliate disclosure is here.

My Pooph Review Methodology

I’m not a scientist, and while none of the tests I ran on Pooph Spray were double-blind in a sterilized lab, I did put a good bit of thought into how to control for variables and ensure the tests were fair and accurate. They weren’t perfect, but I tried to be thoughtful and careful. I’m pretty confident that they were reasonably fair, and on top of that, I thought the results were unambiguous enough to be persuasive. My research may not win me a Genius Grant, but I consider it good enough for common sense.

For my Pooph reviews, I subjected Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator Spray to various tests to verify whether the claims Pooph makes on it’s website and in the Pooph commercial are based in reality. I also dug into the history of the company behind Pooph Spray. I wanted to know from whence Pooph came – was there a legitimate science behind Pooph, or did it just – Pooph! – appear out of thin air? – see what I did there? 🙂 

I get that not everyone has the free time to devote hours to comparison shopping and reading through all the reviews, weeding out the ridiculous ones from the shills from the cranky guy that hates everything to figure out if the proof is in the Pooph. In short, I’ve been sniffing out the truth on Pooph, and I’m giving it to you straight here.

How Others Have Reviewed Pooph

Looking around the Internet and reading OPPR (Other People’s Pooph Reviews) a large majority of those reviews (78% on average) are positive.  On one particular site (rhymes with “schmamazon”) 72% of verified customers say they found Pooph to work as advertised. While I find this information helpful, especially in the aggregate (there are over 25,000 reviews), these reviews are sometimes extremely short on helpful details regarding how Pooph was used, making it difficult to determine if their outcome is repeatable or just a phluke (and therefore unphair 🙂 )

On top of that, customer reviews can be suprisingly emotional sometimes, which makes me wonder about their expectations (or what kind of a day they had). For me, these two aspects of other peoples’ Pooph Reviews make it necessary to come to my own conclusions, and to come to them by testing Pooph in very careful, intentional, and precise ways. That is to say, for me OPPR aren’t Poopf, but I always always take them with a grain of salt.

It should also be be said here that no two odor issues are alike, and regardless of any product’s claims, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet. No product can perform miracles – Pooph will not turn water into wine, part the seas, or (god forgive me) raise your pet from the dead.

What I’m trying to say here is that to Review Pooph fairly, you have to test Pooph on its claims alone, and in such a way that Pooph can perform only as it claims it does. This is not to say that the fault for any outsized expectations of how Pooph will change our lives falls on the customer alone – Pooph certainly relies on a good bit of sensationalism in their marketing (because it gets the people goin’) but it’s important to design tests that are appropriate to Pooph’s claims in order to write accurate and fair Pooph reviews.

Which is what I tried to do here. So whether it’s your beloved cat you just can’t keep from piddling nervously in the corner of the rug, the spray of a skunk, the cling of cigarette smoke, last month’s fish you forgot in the bottom drawer of the fridge until it started growing, the funky smell coming from under the house that you just can’t locate, Uncle Jimmy’s unfortunate but economical backyard abbatoir, or your teenage son’s excessive love of body spray (like mine!) – whatever the phoof it happens to be this time, how you use Pooph has an impact on the outcome. reviews

Who (or what) is In short, Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator, as well as the additional Pooph products that followed on the original pet spray’s success, is a collaboration between two companies: BioLargo – a life sciences company that has focuseed on large-scale industrial odor control; and Ikigai Holdings, LLC, a marketing company with a history of bringing blockbuster products to market.

Ikigai Holdings doesn’t have much of a web presence aside from their co-founder’s LinkedIn. Aside from whether Ikigai happens to be yanking my chain, I’m not especially concerned with the cipher behind the marketing genius of how Pooph seems to have changed the market. But I’m very interested in the science behind Pooph, and for that I look to its inventors.

BioLargo has developed patents that are used in many of the nation’s largest municipal landfills and wastewater treatment facilities (just as Pooph claims). Looking to expand into households with a pet odor control product, they teamed with Ikigai. In Ikagai’s own words (taken from a recent earnings call transcript), “We can’t make a loser into a winner. You have to have a product that works and you have to have a problem that people are willing to pay money to solve…BioLargo’s technology…was a key component of being able to go into this market and dominate… because we have this incredible product that we have spent so much money and so many years developing and perfecting, and making work.”

And the rest, as they s(pr)ay, is Pooph history.

If you’re interested in reading more about BioLargo and how it came to create Pooph, I ‘ve gone into greater detail on the comany in my research on Pooph Ingredients here. It’s an interesting read if you’re into that sorta thing.

Pooph pet odor eliminator reviews

pooph pet odor eliminator

Pooph pet odor eliminator is the flagship Pooph product. If you have pets like I do, you know that pet odors aren’t simply an issue of eliminating the odor once-and-for-all so much as knowing that if you live with pets then you live with recurring odors. So odor elimination is in actuality odor management, and way to manage odor is to treat it as it occurs. That isn’t a statement about Pooph’s ability to eliminate odors – it’s a statement about reality. A statement about whether Pooph in fact eliminates pet odors when sprayed on them, a statement about whether Pooph works, is what I’m about to make. 

Ahem! In conclusion!! (At last!) I’ve conducted several tests to assess Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator’s claims to eliminate pet odors. In addition to those, I tested Pooph’s claim to work on skunk. And I also tested to determine whether Pooph could eliminate cigarette odor, something I had read and was curious about, though Pooph doesn’t make that claim. In all of my tests, as as I wrote in my reviews, I found that Pooph does indeed work as it claims to.

So without further ado, my ultimate Pooph Review: Pooph works. However! In order for Pooph to do its work, it’s crucial that you apply an amount equal to or greater than the amount of the substance causing the odor. Does this mean you can spray 4 oz of Pooph onto a 4oz turd and get a boquet of posies? Probably not, though it’s possible I just came up with my next Pooph review. Working title: “What can’t Pooph Doo?” 🙂

Thanks for reading my Pooph reviews. If you’d like to try Pooph for yourself, you can buy a quart of it here and have it delivered to your doorstep day after tomorrow (or sooner if you’re lucky). Thanks for reading (and especially for making it all the way to the end), and I hope that Pooph makes your life a little less offensive. And if you decide to buy Pooph, please do come back and let us know whether your Pooph truth was a hit or a phlop.

Read on for more Pooph Reviews from customers who come back to post their own reviews.

Pooph Reviews received from customers

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  • Spokane, WA

    November 9, 2023

    I was worried that Pooph couldn’t possibly live up to the hype, and I was right. I sprayed Pooph on the rug where my cat pees every few days and I could still smell it.

    – Gerald W

  • Madison, VA

    November 18, 2023

    My dog loves to sneak out through our fence and root through the neighbor’s garbage cans every so often. Whenever he does, there’s always something putrid that he thinks tastes like heaven. A few hours later, the consequences on the other end are severe. For everyone. For him, he’s sick all night, all over the house. For us, the smell… it makes your eyes burn. Well, since we bought our first bottle of Pooph we’ve been able to conquer a lot of that smell – both in the air as it happens, and on whatever surface he leaves a puddle of poo on. Now if it only cleaned stains as well as it kills stinks, we’d be perfect.

    – Melinda O

  • Saline, MI

    December 3, 2023

    Hey folks, I used it on cat pee and it got the job done. When I leave the house for too long my cat pees on my bed. When it’s just the sheets or blankets I used to have to run them through ther sterilize cycle 3 or 4 times to get all the ammonia smell out. Last time she did it I had the bottle of Pooph laundry additive and put that it in and they were clean in one run. Pretty awesome difference, imo. But the real test was the mattress. The other two times she soaked through to the mattress I used a good portion of a gallon of enzyme cleaner and set it out in the sun to dry for a day. This time I sprayed a healthy dose of Pooph on the spot – an amount I’m guessing was about equal to about one cat bladder’s worth – and let it soak in and dry. After a few hours I went back and honestly could not smell any pee. That did it for me.

    – Bryan H

  • Philadelphia, PA

    October 11, 2023

    Hi Steve, I wanted to come back and let you know about my Pooph hit 🙂  I had a pretty nasty smell on the wall right inside my front door. I think maybe my cat was spraying or something? Anway, I kept smelling it whenever I came in or went out (or opened the door for someone…). I got a bottle of Pooph and sprayed the whole area with a few good spray-fulls. Next time I went through the door it was stink-free! (and if it was my cat, it must have stopped him too). Success!

    – Kailah M